I am Rajesh. I am totally new to shell scripting. I have to prepare a shell script which comapres two directory tree structures ( directory contents comparision is not necessary).

for example, suppose I had installed a software system long back and now I want to upgrade that software but I dont want to disturb the tree stucture. So I had to check the directory tree structure of Updated software with the directory tree strucure of previous version software.
here is the code I am preparing for this problem..but I am not able to achieve my goal. So please, If anyone can review the code and point out where I am going wrong, I would be thankful to them.

the code is :

# compare: compare directory trees recursively and report the differences.
# Author: Rajesh thota

function gettype () {
  if [ -d $1 ]; then
    echo "directory"
    echo "notdirectory"

function exists () {
  if [ -e $1 -o -L $1 ]; then
    return 0;
    echo "rajesh $1 does not exist."
    return 1;

function comparedirectory () {
  local result=0
  local v1=0
  local v2=0
  for i in `(ls -A $1 && ls -A $2) | sort | uniq`; do
#       v1=$(gettype $1/$i)
#       v2=$(gettype $2/$i)
#       echo "$v1"
#       echo "$v2"
#       if [ ($v1 = "directory") && ($v2 = "directory") ]; then
            compare $1/$i $2/$i || result=1
#       fi
  return $result

# compare directories
function compare () {
 (exists $1 && exists $2) || return 1;
  local type1=$(gettype $1)
  local type2=$(gettype $2)

  echo "$type1"
  echo "$type2"

  if [ $type1 = $type2 ]; then
           comparedirectory $1 $2
    echo "type mismatch: $type1 ($1) and $type2 ($2)."

if [ 2 -ne $# ]; then
cat << EOU
Usage: $0 dir1 dir2
Compare directory trees:
  directories are checked for identical tree stuctures

  exit 10

Thanking you a lot


Assuming I understand your problem:

find /path1 -exec basename {} \; | sort > file1
find /path2 -exec basename {} \; | sort > file2
# at this point you can use diff file1 file2
# or
# here we want files only listed in file1 but not in file2
comm -23 file1 file2
# here we show files listed in file2 but not in file1
comm -23 file2 file1
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