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So, I was working on a program and unfortunately i got a blue screen while i was working. When I got back on my computer, Visual Studio wasn't able to open my Form1.cs and Form1.Designer.cs. Opened it in notepad, and it was completely empty however the filesize is around 15 kb and 34 kb, so it shouldn't be fully empty. I guess this teached me that i need to do backup every now and then. Unfortunately this means that I'm probably going to have to recode the whole program (might be a good thing ;)), however i was wondering if there is any way to recover my file :S?


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Have your tried opening the project file directly?

Have your tried opening the project file directly?

yes it gives me the error "There is no editor available for 'C:\Users\Username\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Project\Form1.cs'. Make sure the application for the file type (.cs) is installed.

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