I really need help with the computer science class & the tutors at my school do not fit into my schedule. Would anyone be willing to help me with some of my labs?

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and what do you mean: do not fit in my schedule?
unfortunately, once you've graduated and you start working, do you think your employer will adjust his schedule to yours?

you'll find a lot of situations like this later on in life, some of the regulations at school/university (for instance, hours during which they tutor) help you prepare for this.

also, since we don't know the material you're covering, asking the tutors at your school might be your better option, which, of course, shouldn't stop you from asking guidance here.
but you must understand that, while it is your school tutor's job to help you with questions, and his hours are garanteed, most of us do this after our work-hours, and helping with an extended tutoring might be a bit harder for some than to help with a single problem you're facing.

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