I have this project that takes a team name, how many members are on a team and the individual times. I need to output the teamname and times (in seconds) and then the total time of each team. I'm having trouble adding the total team times.

while(infile.peek() !=EOF)
	 getline (infile, teamName);
	 infile >> numRunners;

	 cout << teamName << endl;
	 cout << numRunners << endl;

	 for (i=1; i<=numRunners; i++)
		 infile >> runMinutes >> runSeconds; 
		 runTotal = (runMinutes * 60) + runSeconds; 
	  cout << runTotal << endl; //for testing purposes, outputs run times

It would probably be easier if you stored the times entirely as seconds and then converted to "<minutes>:<seconds>" for display purposes. I don't suspect that these times are likely to exceed the limits of one of the integer or floating-point types.

I thought that I was doing that with line 12:

runTotal = (runMinutes * 60) + runSeconds;

No, what I mean is ditch runMinutes entirely and just use runSeconds.