I got the Jasypt 1.8 and i have jasypt-1.8 folder but how can i add this new libraries to my project org.jasypt doesnt appear so what i need to do?

1) Most of the IDEs have way how to import external libraries, so either tell us which you use or search for your self
2) Using building tools Ant, Maven, Gradel you can add dependencies that your project needs

I am using netbeans but i added the folder but still doesnt appear the library when i use the org.jasypt

Sorry your reply is not clear due to poor problem explanation with either limited English or lazy written English. So if you try to explain more in detail I'm sure someone can help you.

never mind I solved the problem already.

So why not to share solution...

As expected you did not add your libraries properly. You see if you posted steps (a proper problem description as I suggested) anyone would have told you that you didn't do it properly...

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