If i type a simply code with an output of "hello world" on the screen, printf ... u know the code, the programm isn`t able to do the .exe programm. I don`t know why. GRrrr.

If i try to write difficult programms, it is the same probleme with the exe file. The computer isn t able to generate the file!


Does anybody know where i get the programm borland c++ - this simply and old programm - we have it in our school in the first year - so i m able to check to problem by myself.??

Thank u very much for ur help! :)

Yes. You have to create a project first. File --> New --> Project Tab --> Win32 Console Application (if that is the kind of application you want)

>>Does anybody know where i get the programm borland c++
Probably from www.borland.com

where did you look for the *.exe file? The compiler will put it in either the debug or release directory, depending on how you compiled it.

If that did not solve your problem then delete both the debug and release directories then the precompiled file, zip up the rest and attach it to your post here.