I need to ask password to user, to get administration rights for my java application when it works under linux (or any POSIX). Can someone help me about that?

Thank you!

You mean to run it? I think Linux already has its built-in file permission system (which is much better than Windows). If you want, you could set up a group permission for the file and add any user you allow to use it into the group. Then in your Java, you could implement a password system to start and run the program.

I think i could not explain it well.

My program needs administrator rights (permissions) to run properly. Thats why i need to ask password to user. For example: When you start on Ubuntu the "synaptic package manager", first it ask you a password like here: http://www.wawuk.net/sites/default/files/imagepicker/1/Ubuntu10-000056.jpg .Because it needs. My program also need to ask this question. But i don't know how.