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Hi.I get the following error "g++: error: CreateProcess no such file or directory" whenever i try to compile a program.I have installed the MinGw 7.2 version at work on a windows machine and the problem does not occur , however after installing windows SP3 on my home computer i get this error and i just can't figure it out since i have set all the environment variables properly.I tried setting the path to "C:\MinGw\libexec\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.6.1" where cc1plus.exe and cc1.exe are located but still no luck.If i type this at the command line:

>_assoc .cpp=cpls
>_ftype cpls=g++ "%1" %*

it seemse to compile since i get compile time errors for the c++11 keywords which aren't recognized without the -std=c++0x switch.Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.