hi all i would like to ask...ermm i have an erorr it say that my winscard.h no such file or directory...when i search it in my include folders there is no winscard.h in that folders..so...what should i do..is it somekind relate to the pcsclite.h ??? do i need to install that package from somewhere??

i have google it for many times but the result is available for ubuntu ...
im using windows 7 and using dev c++...

p/s :- im so sorry because recently i've post too many about the c++ language...i have google it but can't find the suitable answer or i couldn't understand what are they discuss about..

i'm used to c++ in collegues but i've stop playing around with it when lecturer introduce us to the new programming language ....huhuu...feel so bad because i just left it like that without doing any other extra exercises....now im paying for it...

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So, what is this header file for? If available for Ubuntu, but not for Windows, then you may have to port the library it supports to Windows yourself. What does winscard do? Why are you using it?

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