I have this code below where I have to make it a function. I'm confused.
I tried

def drawLine(img): 

Do I set the location of the picture as my variable? and then calling it? How would I call my
parameter when I want to check the code? I'm confused on this..
The code is below.

from cImage import*
import random

def drawLine(img):

    myImWin = ImageWin("Line Image", 300, 300)
    lineImage = EmptyImage(300,300)
    redPixel = Pixel(255,0,0)
    randomRed = Pixel(random.randint(0,255),0,0)
    for i in range(300):
        for x in range(250):


The parameter is not used so it should be removed.

Oh okay, this is what I thought in the 1st place;
But our lab professor said it takes one parameter.

And I'm getting an error for the last code myImWin.exitonClick()
it says : 'ImageWin' object has no attribute 'exitonClick''
I have no idea why this is happening.

Check documentation, for example use help(ImageWin)