Hi Guys,

I am currently looking for a Python solution to a project I am working on. I am VERY new to Python so please go easy on me.

Currently, I have a server setup, only running Windows 7, and on that server, Thunderbird is constantly running checking for new emails that are sent from a server producing nightly builds of some software.

When the email is received by the w7 server, a script is run that fires off some actions.

My problem is, I need to scan the emails received by Thunderbird, and then fire off a script based on the contents of the email received, so the email needs to be scanned, and a variable passed from it to the scripts that are fired off.

I have had a look around on the net for any helpers, but as I am very new to this I'm confused beyond belief at the solutions. Can someone please break down a simple solution for me?

So far I have the following. It connects to the IMAP mail server which is what I require, but I then need to query the emails which I'm struggling with.

Any thoughts? I'm not quite sure I have the first search query correct.

It needs to get a number from the subject, which is only part of the subject as defined by "Build No: xxx"

It then needs to scan through the body of the email to check to see if the build was successful. Which is in the format "Win Build - Passed" or "Win Build - Failed"

Any thoughts?

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os, sys, imaplib, rfc822, re, StringIO

server =' 'myserver'

M = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL(server)
M.login(username, password)

#I want to search for some text in the subject
typ, data = M.search(None, '(UNSEEN SUBJECT "text")')
for num in data[0].split():
typ, data = M.fetch(num, '(RFC822)')
print 'Message %s\n%s\n' % (num, data[0][1])

#If an email has the correct subject, I then want to query a line in the body, and if
#...it passes, run another python script.


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