string rev;
    for(int i =1; i<=(int)user.length();i+=2)
        rev = user.length[i+1];
        rev = user.length[i];

this is a part of my code where "user" is the user inputted text.

I'm trying to get the output to do this.
input - square
output - er au qs

I've been stuck on this for a long time; i can't seem to figure it out.

Please help.

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-You are setting the value of rev to one character at a time. What you need to is use string append() or +-operator to add characters to string.

- String indexing start from 0, like most indexing in C++

- If you want to loop user string from 0..length-1, you must add the characters in the beginning of the string. You can also switch your looping to start from length-1 and end at the beginning.

- Don't forget to add an extra whitespace with every two new characters

Hope that helps!


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