As the title says, I need to know how to put a "Credits" or "About" tab in my form, so people know that its from me. (I made a little Halo Reach Music Player with music, I just started programming yesterday and the app is finished, it just needs the Credits tab thing, also, how do I make the form a .exe?)

(I'm using Visual Basic C++ 2010 Express)

Thanks in advance.

Well, if you want to follow standard Windows interface guidelines, that information would be under the Help main menu option. It should display a dialog with the information.

You say you're using Visual Studio 2010, but that's not enough information. Is this a C++/CLI application using Windows Forms or WPF, or a native application with one of the myriad options for GUI development.

Its C++.

Here's a Picture of what I wanted to do:

(Also, how do I make it play one song after another? Like a permanent playlist...)

Its C++.

From the screenshot it sure looks like VB.NET to me. :icon_rolleyes:

Here's a Picture of what I wanted to do:

Well, assuming you don't want to include a menu strip, I'd say throw a link label anywhere on that form and set the click event to open your about dialog (which you still need to create).

Create a new form under that project and make it look the way you want. Then create an instance of that form and call its ShowDialog() method when you want to show it.

Oh Yeah, how do I make my form into a .exe?