I made a downloader.i need it can run multiple time a moment.i mean to say when we click on vb.net application icon it runs only one time.if we again click on vb.net application it cant run second time. We need to stop the first application and then run again . So i need to run several time at a moment. Is there any help?

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If you go to

Project -> (my app) Properties

There is a checkbox labeled "Make single instance application"

Select it if you want to allow only one instance at a time to run, deselect it if you want to be able to run multiple instances.

See i made a downloader. Is it possible when i downloading process is running, then i click myapp.exe another time is it possible it will be a starting with progress zero.and first one is still running...

I'm sorry but I cannot understand what you are saying. Your knowledge of English is far better than my knowledge of your language (which is zero) so if you can get someone to help you with the translation I'm more than happy to help.

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