Okay, im fairly competent with VB.NET in general and i know a bit about how to do winsock programming under VB6. Well, sadly most of my old VB6 code doesnt work under .NET :(

Im usibg VB.NET express 2008 beta 2 and was wondering what the best way was to get started in .NET network programming?


how we can make a railway reservation project. please show the answar with code of this project.

no. We wont do your homework for you. Read the rules.

I am beginner in vb.net. So i want to know each topic which i will have to study in vb.net to make "pinging" software through vb.net step by step.
Please help

hmmm Thanks for your answer. I have gone away for a long time so now joined back the community. i would like to have an online discussion in your free time if possible. :)

Thanks sandeepparekh9 but actually my project is completed 6 months ago. It was not in VB.net as my partner was not agree with it. Then we just made something else in Oracle. :-)

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