1. hello, i have a set of questions, actually im developing a reporting tool where want to retrieve values from database and display that in the canvas in a formal reporting manner. can we take print out of content in the Canvas widget?
(somewhat like, Data Report in VB)

2. if so how?

3. or is there any alternate way?

4. can we make canvas dynamically extends its size, i mean like in listbox, the listbox increases as we add or put more content in. in the same way can we do it canvas?what i mean to say is when i retrieve from database some query may result in less number of records and some may result in more than 300(for Eg:) so i want to make canvas to extend accordingly.
can we do this?

please help.....

The Tkinter text widget would most likely serve you better than canvas.

Yes, you can save the canvas contents in PostSript format.

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