Please tell me how can I master Shell Scripting or check many amazing shell script applications as wherever i search i find the same things.
Now i am getting bored and want to learn something new.
Isn't there any book or link which has advanced applications of shell scripts ?

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Find a problem; solve it with shell scripts. You are starting at the wrong location. A language by itself is meaningless. If you want to learn how to solve problems using a language then you first need to define a problem and then proceed.

Your request is very much like saying "I've read all about hammers. I've seen some really cool hammers. But now, I'm getting bored of hammers - does anyone know where I can go to see where hammers are the coolest?"

If you use a hammer to do things it will become immediately apparent what is easy to do with a hammer and hard to do with a hammer.

commented: I agree, until u start working in a language can can't learn it. +1

Take a look at scripts included in ...
You should find some interesting examples !

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