I am triying to write a shell script which do the following steps:

1)Check the status of File (ie:Rejected,Processed and Processed_with_errors) from Database(i am using TOAD tool).
2)If the file is rejected ,then the script should immediatly send a MAIL ALERT to me.
3)If the file is processed_with_errors with mare then 15% rejections Then also should sent a MAIL ALert.
4)the script should rerun after every 15 minutes.

I need help.Please share your ideas.

Upendra Bhushan

Re: Shell scripting Help 80 80

Use cron to manage to recurring task.
Check the file for conditions (there is not enough information in your post to determine the best way to do that).
If conditions warrant an alert use a mail client (mutt is a good choice) to send yourself an email.

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