I’m an old fashion Visual Studio 6 C programmer. I’m writing my first 2008 Form application using C++.

The application will be able to run multiple instances at the same time.

The first tool will be a selection box where you can chose the project you are working on with a “new project” entry that will allow you to browse to the new project’s directory and name the new project.

I’ll figure all that out. My question is what is the best way to remember the list of projects and directories that have already been defined and also the most recent “current project”.

Should I just store the data in an INI file, or is there a better way.

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An INI file is as good as anything, given the lack of details about your application.

Thanks Narue,

I’ll just use the INI file ‘cause it’s easier.

The process I’m converting is an old VS6 C program that I wrote to emulate SSI (Server Side Include) for building websites.

I’ll publish a link to the new version after I get it converted the VS2008.

It allows you to edit full HTML pages. It handles automatic archiving and copies things like navigation from one page to the rest of the website. All of this is done with the need to run server software on your PC or the web host.

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