i am writing a code which is as follows:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    char buffer[2500];
    FILE * myfile;
    myfile = fopen("/home/csgrads/akhan015/desktop/benchmark/coverage/test0/stmt.txt","r");
    while (!feof(myfile))
    return 0;

1.in this code i am accessing a folder to read a text file. this test0 folder is only 1 folder of the 1500 folders i have to read in which i have to open and compare 1500 txt files which are in test0... test1500. i can only access the text file through path( this is the only way i know to access the text file placed in a folder).please can someone tell how can i access 1500 folders in a loop or some other way. a code snippet would be really appreciated.

2.for each of 1500 text files and i have to compare the strings in them such that if two files have similar strings then i keep only 1 of it in a buffer and compare it with the next file. if theses two have some strings different then i will unite them.and remember the folder name e.g test 19, test 100 in a separate file.if somebody has an idea abt it please help me.

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1. Use snprintf to generate the appropriate path name.

2. Think of an appropriate data structure, that's what this exercise is all about.

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