i got project on student information management system .... i have no idea about the topic and content ... please if you have C# project please share ........

if you have software on student management system do share :)

college management or institute management or school management ... any of these :)

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Are you supposed to make a program?
It sounds like you can just use your imagination.
If you are having a problem with some code, post it here and we can help.

thanks for your time and post ... i want to design my project .. i just want a demo software to understand how to make it ............

if you have project in c# it will be beneficial for me to learn .....

i have work with so many forms so many small projects .. now i got a big project and i have accomplish .. please help me if you have demo software or project ///

if i got stuck anywhere i trust u people will surely help me to learn :)

About design is hard part, many times i spend more than 10 hours to find a good icons, good backgrounds and at last i fack it... is really tired part, thats why exist and designers ;p, our work is not design :/... but when you do it for hobby... gl...

look an example, i make it for you.
is a simple sh1t and i no have idea what options can be in an program like this...


When you said Student Information Management system, I assumed you just needed to make a program that kept track of classes a student would take and their grades (to include GPA).

How much time do you have to complete this?
How many students does it need to track?
What are the items to be tracked?
Is this entry-only or is it a full CRUD app?
Does it need to be graphical or can it be done on the command-line?

i just need complete GUI software in C# till last of this December .....

Panathinaikos22 do have this software ?? i need to see what u have in files school statics n all stuff .. it has emplyoo and teacher detail i dont need this since its student info ...

You might be looking for a site like vWorker.com where you can request source code to be delivered based on your requirements (for pay).

Is an empety action form, i made it just to show you how an school management software can be,
in software like managment system/library/school/video club/and more... the main menu is a Tree(not always) but is hot choise ;p,

About menus, are just random choices... i dont had something in my mind

it has emplyoo and teacher detail i dont need this since its student info ...

It is school management system, yea employer maby isent good choise because they get moneys from country and not school, i just show you way ;p this is an example as i say, to make a software like this maby you must go and make some interviews to see how a school management system can be...

soz for my bad english


I have a project of mine with Department creation, Student creation with attendance management and reporting system, if you wish to buy my software update your price.

Thanx in advance.

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