hi my name is babafemi ibitolu from nigeria. i'm quite new in the IT feild. I am doing my post graduate diploma in information technology( though correspondence), but what i realised is that all that i have read so far is not practical at all. now i am considering web design, please can u intimate me on the the course, and apart from web design, what else can a web designer do, because by august i want to go to india to study it. thanks

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Good Choice! While you take web design there are many technologies coming around the web technologies. HTML, DHTML, JAVAScript, CSS, AJAX, PHP, JQuery these all would help you to increase your growth on web technologies.

Hello All
Now a days Web Design is very important one.Web 2.0 Technologies is current trend.HTML, DHTML, JAVAScript, CSS, AJAX, PHP, JQuery these all would help you to increase your growth on web technologies.

I know that Now a days Web Design is very important because every one want to have a good website to promote our business.

Good choice AJAX,PHP,JQUERY,SQL. A webdesigner should know some kind of designing, so that he/she can make templates.
For designing you should know HTML and CSS for the structure of website.

I am also recommending AJAX,PHP,JQUERY,SQL, but it needs a lot of research and training to master everything

Well, looking from the other side of the web - understanding the development side is definitely something that helps in the design of the website. But, I highly recommend classes in design, understanding color theory, using programs such as PhotoShop to help with image creation and optimization. This way you are not risking poor image quality or for images to take too long to load on someone's browser. People don't like waiting for their instant gratification.

Don't be afraid to sketch out how you want your interface - this can save you a lot of time figuring out code if you notice that part of your idea won't look good, or won't really add to the user interface.

Flowcharting - definitely something I learned to do from a co-worker who was in charge of the website. If you are not using a CMS program or any dynamic scripting for buttons, knowing what buttons you need, how many and where they fall (main menu, sub menu, or somewhere else in the HTML that makes more sense) will also save you a lot of time since you are not constantly recreating the elements.

Once you know the layout, you can mock it up using a program like PhotoShop - this is where understanding CSS and divs helps a lot. You can look at what elements you want in the background and begin to see the design in different layers and how you want them to be viewed. Another aspect, test in different browsers - such as IE and firefox - I have been guilty of not doing that and each reads code differently and will display it differently.

Find good resources, since it is not easy to remember everything when starting and having tutorials is definitely helpful when figuring out how to get parts of the site to work right. One site http://www.w3schools.com is an excellent starting point, and I have found this forum very helpful with information. Many times I find the question I have already answered in another post.

Good luck with the training, and if possible see if you can find a good mentor who knows the business and can give you better insight.

You have choice right way and also more option in it filed like php, seo, .net, ajax, web design

Pick a few languages...not all. Its hard enough to master one or two. I recommend PHP and Coldfusion. Coldfusion is much easier to grasp, as it is a tag based language similar to html, than PHP is, but PHP is very popular because it is open source. Of course the two main things to learn for web design is html and css. Html5 will be here before you know, so make sure when taking classes, that you are learning up to date theories and languages. I would also suggest becoming an SEO guru. That is a very big think now, and is still specialized enough that there aren't alot of people doing it. JOB SECURITY! lol Good luck!

Web design is great. When you know basic html alot os possible. I would suggest expanding your studys to more than just web design. Maybe basic programming skills. Perhaps learing some photoshop, flash and such. When you can do more than just web design you are more valuable. I work for a real estate company, and i know how to do web design, photoshop, basic flash and action script, audio manipulation, and video manipulation. So i am more valuable than somebody who just knows web design

i dont understand why they are so excited. for me, information technology has much more promising future.

here i mention some points about web designs..
Web designs produce maximum quality of web applications to handle large databases . web designs Collaborate with vendors and contractors to define future capabilities, select new technology, and oversee website development.

Good choice. I m recommending you HTML,PHP,JAVA script

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