***I have a feeling that there might be something wrong with my function
int fgetAnswers(int*pos, char res[], FILE*inp);
I am able to compile, but the problem is that wherever the black screen appears, a box would pop out saying that the program has stopped working. Can any of you guys please have a look and rectify it for me?Do you have a suitable function which I could use other than that? And if there seems to be an error in my coding, please help me to correct it. I just can't seem to get this worked out. Please help.. After compiling, it should appear something like this..
5 dbbac
111 dabac
102 dcbdc
251 dbbac

Exam Report

Question 1 2 3 4 5
Answer d b b a c

ID Score(%)
111 80
102 60
251 100

Question 1 2 3 4 5
Missed by 0 2 0 1 0


#define  input "examdat.txt"
#define  output  "report.txt"
int fgetAnswers(int*pos, char res[], FILE*inp);
int main()
 inp = fopen(input,"r");
 outp = fopen(output,"w");
 int numberofquestion;
 int numberofstudent;
 char studentanswer[30][30+1];
 char ans[30];
 int correct;
 int ID[30];
 int studentID[30];
 int wrong[30];
 int score[30];
 int status = fgetAnswers(&numberofstudent, ans, inp);
 for(int m=1;m<numberofstudent;m++)


 printf("ID       score(%%)\n");

 while(EOF != status)
   status = fgetAnswers(&numberofstudent,ans, inp);
   double answer=0.0;
   for(int i=1;i<=numberofstudent;i++)
 if(ans[i] == ans[i])

   fprintf(outp,"%d %d\n",ID,(correct*100)/numberofquestion);
   printf("%d %d\n",ID,(correct*100)/numberofquestion);

  printf("\n number:");
  for(int j=1;j<numberofstudent;j++)
  printf("\n missed by:");
  for(int j=1;j<numberofstudent;j++)

  return 0;

int fgetAnswers(int*pos, char res[],FILE*inp)
    fscanf(inp, "%d", pos);
    char b;
    int i=0;
    while('\n' != b)
 int status = fscanf(inp,"%c",&b);
    return status;   

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First of all, use code tags whenever you post any code.See that CODE thingy, click that and paste your well formatted code in between.

There's no use of this #include<conio.h>in your code and why this char studentanswer[30][30+1]; why not just declare it like this

char studentanswer[30][31];

Since you're opening the file 'examdat.txt' for reading, make sure that it is in the same directory as your program is or use the full path.

int status = fgetAnswers(&numberofstudent, ans, inp); You are passing arguments without assigning any values to them.

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