Trying to re-write a php function to C++ using boost.. I have NOT seen code for this anywhere on the net. I thought it was useful and I need it for C++ but I need help..

definition of the function in c++

void preg(string pattern, string subject, string &matches, int flags, int offset)       //Matches is a 2D array or map or 2d vector..


Function I want to re-write to C++..

Attempt (takes in a string, matches it to an expression, returns the match:

string ID;           //Match to be returned.
string Source;              //Source of Data to match against..
boost::regex expression("(.*)");     //A patter to match..

void preg_match_all(string Source, boost::regex &expression, string &ID)
           std::string::const_iterator start, end;
           start = Source.begin();
           end = Source.end();
           boost::smatch what;
           boost::match_flag_type flags = boost::match_default;

//Match against the data.. if a match is found, return it to ID..

           while(boost::regex_search(start, end, what, expression, flags))
                //Destination = boost::regex_replace(Source, expression, "");
                ID = what[0];
                start = what[0].second;
       catch(exception &e)
           cout<<"Exception Caught.. Function: preg_match_all.\n\n";


Problem.. I want it to return an array of every match it finds.. At the moment it returns one match..

Example Data:

<td vsgsgs> whatever else here</td><td>fsgsgs</td><td aifngn;aga></td>

It will return that whole thing into the string ID. I want it to return:

array[0] = <td vsgsgs> whatever else here</td>
array[1] = <td>fsgsgs</td>
array[2] = <td aifngn;aga></td>

Can you guys help me write a to match this? It should find 3 <td></td> 's in there..

Thing is they aren't separated by any spaces or anything.. so I'm not sure how to get them..

But I used <td(.*)</td>.. and it finds one match.. Any Ideas?

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> But I used <td(.*)</td> .. and it finds one match.. Any Ideas?

With the given text, it should find just one match. That repeat operator is greedy; it will consume as much input as possible.

Use the non-greedy repeat operator instead: <td.*?/td>

Repeat: Use boost::sregex_iterator, perhaps?

Like this:

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/regex.hpp>

std::vector<std::string> preg_match_all( const std::string& str, const boost::regex& regex )
    std::vector<std::string> matches ;
    boost::sregex_iterator begin( str.begin(), str.end(), regex ), end ;
    for( ; begin != end ; ++begin ) matches.push_back( begin->str() ) ;
    return matches ;
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