Can someone please help me on getting a formula round off to the next highest .25.



I can't use the Round function because if I have 2.26 then it will round off to 2.25 which is unacceptable.

I have been using the Ceiling function but it rounds it off to the nearest highest integer. Which can add an almost extra kg,lb to my formulas.

Nevermind Stupid me didn't realized this is super easy haha

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How did you do it? I quickly did it like this:

Dim d As Double = 2.51

d = Math.Floor(d) + (Math.Ceiling((d Mod 1) / 0.25) * 0.25)

Not as efficient as yours lol but easy as creating a function with if statements. I'll definitely use your code instead. Now if there was a way you could help me speed up my word automation.... anyways Thanks again, You've helped me so much with my program.