Hey guys, I've got a theoretical question. I've tried to work out how some of the code would work in my head, and I always stump myself. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge - who knows!

I am trying to create an online forum inside of my application. Yes, I know I can make my own forum via PHP and then just use the browser object and link it back to the webpage, but my goal is to make an application that doesn't need to use a webpage (just a database, of course!)

In PHP there are lines of code that will allow you to create a table and add the appropriate number of columns/rows needed to display the information in the same table (depending on how many elements are in the database).

So my question is: Can the VB.net application do a similar function? I've come up with a solution of just displaying information and either hiding/revealing objects depending on whether or not there is anything in the database to show. It's very messy and I'm desperately looking for another method.

Thanks in advance!

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Why not.

But you have to build your own user controls...

For an example if you want to display a table into a form then you must first define the class which will be used for creating table objects. now whenever you need a table just create an object , assign some properties and your table is ready..

But it will be harder than drag n drop styling. means most of objects you have to create in runtime and positioned correctly.....


Yes I've already done it. A windows based app with an online forum. Yes. It uses a webservice to retrieve the forums / posts / threads from the server db but the whole user interface is windows based with back / forward / refresh buttons etc. And yes there are about 5 user controls that display the information. So the answer to your question is yes.

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