Please can you help me to solve an exercise in Java ? Here is the exercise : Create e program in Java that shows an image in a panel. The program let the user to make 2 clicks repeated ( make first click and immediately make the second click. ) on the image. After the second click , the program increase the image contrast of dots that are inside the rectangle which is determined from 2 clicks that user has made before. The program decrease the the image contrast of dots that are outside of rectangle.

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Post your code and specific questions. The forum rules state that you must show some effort if you wish to get help with homework.

I have written the exercise that I can't solve , I don't undrestand what do you mean with "Post your code and specific questions" . It's first time that I am part of a forum so I need your help about rules and others things.

Post the code that you have started with.
Post specific questions about what you are struggling with and what you have tried or even thought about trying.

Simply posting the assignment is not sufficient demonstration of effort. No one here is going to simply do the assignment for you. You must put forth some effort to solve it. People may offer some guidance, but they will not do the work for you.

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Open your file in an editor
"Select" the contents of the file
"Copy" your file (into the clipboard)
Go to the bottom of the forum page (where the "Message" box is)
Hit the {CODE} button
"Paste" your code between the code tags

Well, with no code, how do we know where to offer help?

When you ask for help here you usually post your code for us to make suggestions and check which part has an error thus should help you figure out how to solve your own code

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