i have this assignment and i would like to help me in this:

Write assembly program that reads a word from the key board and compares it with an already defined word in the data segment. If the two words are the same it display “Correct Password” else it will display “Incorrect Password”.
Incase of incorrect password it will give the user 3 tries.

Yet another "please help me with..." not so cunningly disguised as a "please do this for me..." post.

Where's your EFFORT?

First i have tried solving the question..but we didn't actually take this yet in our course so i was looking for help
Second if it annoyed you that much why did you take the time put a lousy reply, its either you would offer your help or just don't reply no need to say that
Third you don't know me so that you would judge me ! if u have seen many threads frm ppl that are looking for ready solutions well its not my problem..i have tried and i have searched in several assembly books and i didn't understand how to do it..
Last thanks alot Mr.Salem for welcoming me that way to daniweb.com and welcoming other people who are looking for help with your great attitude (Y).