hey.. I recently learned a bit of Perl, and I want to test it out on the net... I was/am under the impression that a perl script can be embedded into HTML, but I am have trouble with that.

I searched it but I came up with several methods, none of which seemed to work... I am using a mac btw, and BBedit to make a 'testing page' where I can just locally test a perl script.
I found/tried calling the perlscript as a javascript in the header, but whose source is a .pl file from both the header and the body of an html doc, I've tried:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"

and then embedding the actual code as a


in the body... the hard part should be writing the script.. does anyone know how to do this?

oh, I'm thinking this is relevant or a possible reason... I don't have a server to use, I am writing the code in BBedit and then preview testing it locally...

One, you need to have Perl and a server working on your test machine. The server needs to be configured to allow Server Side Includes in your html document.

Once that's ready (along with your Perl script), the script is included with

<!--#include virtual='cgi-bin/script.pl' -->