Hi Guys,

i am looking for a little direction on an issue that is poundering on my mind. I want to prevent a form from loading if the systems regional datetime settings format for the date is not in the form of dd/MM/yyyy.

any suggestions will be welcome.

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Just dropping in to say thanks i was able to accomplish my task utilizing the site you recommended. i have enclosed code snippets

Imports System.Globalization 

 Dim culglobal As New CultureInfo("en-US")

    Dim culclone As CultureInfo = CType(culglobal.Clone, CultureInfo)

If culclone.DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern <> "dd/MM/yyyy" Then
            MessageBox.Show("Access has been denied, your system's regional settings is incorrect. Please contact your Administrator ", "Regional Settings Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning)
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