Few days ago their is a contest for who can crack this code by the UK government.
i will like to know more about this Code, Which book can I read to learn About it in Detail, Please I do wait your Reply, I am not Reading to Crack these Code now, But I am reading to know how to crack it and some other code that might come up in the future.. thanks

eb 04 af c2 bf a3 81 ec 00 01 00 00 31 c9 88 0c 
0c fe c1 75 f9 31 c0 ba ef be ad de 02 04 0c 00 
d0 c1 ca 08 8a 1c 0c 8a 3c 04 88 1c 04 88 3c 0c 
fe c1 75 e8 e9 5c 00 00 00 89 e3 81 c3 04 00 00 
00 5c 58 3d 41 41 41 41 75 43 58 3d 42 42 42 42 
75 3b 5a 89 d1 89 e6 89 df 29 cf f3 a4 89 de 89 
d1 89 df 29 cf 31 c0 31 db 31 d2 fe c0 02 1c 06 
8a 14 06 8a 34 1e 88 34 06 88 14 1e 00 f2 30 f6 
8a 1c 16 8a 17 30 da 88 17 47 49 75 de 31 db 89 
d8 fe c0 cd 80 90 90 e8 9d ff ff ff 41 41 41 41

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You would like to know more about this particular code in particular or cryptography in general? You can find plenty of articles on cryptography online but the maths involved in high level decryption can be daunting.

And, if you want to know about this code, are you expecting us to break it first???? You didn't even give us a link to the contest. There isn't much any of us can tell you just by looking at it.

Thank you So Much for the Reply, Well, I will like to know more about the cryptography in general, start from the lowest level...
This is the link for the Code it self.. http://www.canyoucrackit.co.uk
I don't have money to enroll in Computer school now, but I am willing to Read Book(s) on it, I can also buy the Book(s).... I do await you reply, thanks

I don't think many universities actually teach encryption as part of computers science. Its like computer security in general, I'm not sure why...
There are plenty of books on encryption techniques out there. I'd head over to Amazon and see what they have

ok, Please I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as you get good ones, waiting to hear from you soonest.. Thanks

I think I just ended math.
These codes also depends on the intelligence of every human being.
I'm happy to get more time to consider this issue.
I'm on Facebook.
Arshaam Adineh in Facebook.
Good time

I don't know anything about it, I am looking for book to Read about it, so that I can know more about such a Code

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