I'm new in assembly. I have to do a program that copies the data of an input file to an out put file. but this output file has to be created.

The problem is that I cannot create this file which seems to be so straight forward.

the Code i am using is

.model tiny
outputfile db "newfile.txt",0	
outhandle dw ?	
	cseg segment 'code'
assume cs:cseg, ds:cseg
org 100h
 mov dx, offset outputfile
 mov cx, 0
 mov ah, 3Ch
 int 21h
 mov outhandle, ax
jc error_routine
mov ah, 3Eh
 mov bx, outhandle
 int 21h

mov ax, 4c00h
 int 21h
 cseg ends
end start

I see the new file nowhere.Even when I specify the exact root folder like "c:\..."
I cant figure out what is going wrong.
Any help is appriciated, Thanx
PS: Im using windows XP 32-bit. and TASM (portable)

sorry, guys. got it. smth wrong with my set up

If you'd have also written its solution then many (like me) would have got benefit from that.

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