Guys how can i connect MS.ACCESS as my DATABASE in TURBO C.? Please help.. this is not an assignment.. i just want to know how....

Since this isn't an assignment, the correct answer is to ditch that piece of shit compiler and get something from the current decade. You'd have no end of troubles using a 16-bit compiler on a modern 32 or 64-bit OS anyway (the environment 99.99% of Turbo C folks are trying to run under), so this would be an exercise in unnecessary frustration.

You probably need to create an ODBC connection first and then use the DB classes to connect to that connection.

Turbo C compiler was probably 16 bit. So, it won't be able to connect to a 32-bit ODBC Connection. Switch to a better C++ compiler . It might help .

oh i thanks for letting us know that we can connect a database to c++
so if its that how can we connect database in c++?

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