I have installed Turbo C compiler on windows vista (32 bit).
Set the PATH variable to properly point to tcc.exe under C:\TC\BIN;
I created some C files under C:\TC\myfolder
I tried compiling using

C:\>cd TC\myfolder
C:\TC\myfolder>tcc -P-c file.c

Sometimes it says file not found while other times it compiles fine.
what could be the cause?

thanks in advance.

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I used Turbo C with both C:\TC and C:\TC\BIN in the path (not a file, the directories).

Had no problems, but my shortcut on the desktop changed me to TC\BIN for all work in the IDE.

You may have other difficulties because Vista is more 32 bit, whereas I was using XP, but try putting both directories in the PATH, and re-booting. Be sure your path change is in the Windows environmental variables, and not the old DOS config.sys and autoexec.bat files. Windows has it's own (similar files), but you can use control panel >> system >> environmental variables, also.

Also make sure the PATH environment variable isn't very long. TC is a 16-bit compiler and can't handle long environment variables like 32/64-bit programs can. You may have to use a batch file to shorten the path to only essential directories.

I'll put both in path then check.

@Ancient Dragon,
Yes, path contains many entries separated by semicolons.
I don't want to mess up with the path entries so not thinking of trimming it.

And one wierd thing i observed is, that if the filename is 8 letters long it doesn't give error while if it exceeds 8 letters it throws error "file not found".

TC is DOS based, and in the version I'm familiar with (Turbo C/C++ 1.01), It supports only 8+3 char's length for a filename.

The cmd.exe command window supports longer filenames, but that's entirely separate from the TC program.

Have you thought about updating to the newer compiler? I now use Pelles C (it's free), and I love it. ;) (it's only C, and only for Windows (32 or 64 bit).


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