Hi, I want to make a specific program and I was looking around the internet for some help. I came here but wasn't sure what section to post in...so I chose this one for now!

What I want to do is make a program that uses the internet and retrieves information from one website and inserts it into the other one. (ALSO: I would like to be logged in to one of these websites the entire time that the bot runs. Sometimes it will automatically log you out after a certain amount of time that you aren't active.)

On the website I am a member of there is a huge database of businesses. On each business's page there is a bunch of information you can fill out. One of the things the website wants is the link to the YellowPages page that has the same business name, address, phone number etc. (It also has boxes for Yelp, DexKnows, etc. but I'm only sticking to one for now!)

I want to be able to find which business pages on the website DO NOT have the "YellowPages/Yelp/etc." box filled in yet(by other users).

And then I want the bot to go and find the correct YellowPages page, copy the URL and insert the URL into the other website.

Is it possible to do this? I would greatly appreciate helpful responses!

This is my first post so I'm sorry if I'm not doing this right.

Thanks anyway!

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If your flavor of C++ uses an XML parser, it will be a little easier.
If you're using dot net C++/CLI, it gets even easier.
There is still a fair amount of work to be done.

If you're using standard c++, there will be a lot of work to do.

Can anybody else help me?

Please Help!

I really need help!

What OS and compiler are you using?

You can make internet crawler in PHP just using function filegetcontents in some statement FOR. And with sting function search hypertext links whitch you save into array to use in for statement.

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