Is there any possible way to allow multiple different types of identifiers on a class.

I.e. on ArrayLists you can do:
private ArrayList<Employees> e = new ArrayList<Employees>();

the "Employees" is the identifier and can be accepted along with many others. But if I've created my own class and I want it to be able to accept identifiers, is it possible to do so?

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Yes, absolutely. And they can be very useful too.
Those things are called "Types", and the whole topic is called "Generics"

Here's the tutorial:

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to add an object to (for instance)
ArrayList<YourType> list = new ArrayList<YourType>();

the object you want to add has to pass the "is-a-YourType"
it's not that difficult to do that, but the compiler will not allow any that don't pass this test to be added, so reading up on Generics is indeed a good way to start.

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