Well, it might be in minecraft.jar... and it might not.

It has a few hundred class files in it, but none of them have actual names. They all have names like: aaa.class, aaj.class, cv.class etc.

I think it is in there, it just changes the name of it for some reason. The names of class files that I put in there do not change though.

When editing the code in eclipse, all of the class files show their proper name, and those are the names that you use within the code.

By the way, thanks for sticking around this long. Sorry it's taking so long to figure it out. =/

If you can not find the definition for class Block etc, you will not be able to compile the program that uses those classes.

Is it possible to create a class file in a different way?

Different from what way?

I mean in a way that doesn't require block.class to be present.

Remove the references to the Block class and the compiler will NOT look for its definition.

Well, it needs to be in there. This isn't a separate program at all, it's just creating a single item in the game.

Would it be possible to edit a pre-existing class file instead, or something like that?

I don't really know what to do at this point.

Does the minecraft program use its own classloader? If so it could read the class files that you saw and convert them into the named classes it needs to execute.

It is possible that the JavaCompiler interface classes executing inside of the minecraft program's classloader would find the classes needed to compile your code.
I have no idea if that would work.

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