Hi again. What i am trying to do is have people be able to input data into various textboxes, multiple times. For example, if there is a field that says name, i want them to be able to put in "bob", and then click next, have that value saved, and then have them be able to input another name. I want all of the values of the textboxes stored, so when they are done, they get sent to a summary page, which shows them the results of what they typed, and then have the data posted intomy database. This presents two problems. One is how should i store the values of the textboxes. I thought about an array list but i wasn't sure. The second problem is that right now i have an arrylist that is catching the values (this is not working, so will need to change it later), but when I go to the summary page, i get an error saying that the nvarchar can not be converted to an int value. My database does have int value columns, but my program needs them. I am at a standstill. If this is unclear, please let me know, and I will paste in some of my code. Than you so much!

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ok, yeah that is a little unclear. You are trying to save names into an integer column in your database because your program requires that the names be integers????

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