Hello :)
i intend to make a game in c# that will contain information of 10,000 people
i dont familiar with db yet but i guess from a little reading that the best way is to use ADO.NET sql library...
the game is not on the internet, it will be on the user pc
(Q #1) is sql library of the ado.net will be a good way to do it? in other words - should i start to learn that issue for my game? or u have another idea?

(Q #2) now, lets say i use sql - i understand the user need to have sql server 200X on its computer if he will play my game right? how can i do that? i need to add the sql program somehow to the setup of the game and while the game installing it will also install sql? (sorry if the question is stupid i have no background in db, but i eager to learn)

(Q #3) can u suggest of a resource of learning to help me do such a thing?

thanks in advance! :)

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The .Net framework can use access database files (.mdb) without access being stalled so that are a possible solution. You might have to check if Jet is still installed on modern versions of Windows as I don't know if it is (windows 7 & 8).

Otherwise you can set up sql server as a dependency of your project so its installation is part of your installer. A good tutorial on creating msi's will include how to do that.

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