Trying something out of my area of expertise, and wanting to experiment with WebClasses

Anyway when I start VB new IIS project -

Then I get an error regarding

Then the Dsr won't load and this error

I have PWS 5/IIS server installed on this Win2000 system. (At least it runs-tests ok) So I guess the questions are:
Is PWS or IIS the server I am using?

Is Personal Web Server same as IIS on Win2000? if not where do I start IIS instead of PWS

Since PWS/IIS added after VB could that be the problem? I added Backweb tools from VB, but that didn't help.

I need answers not, guesses. Experienced only please respond

Nevermind- found the answer buried in the net.

It appears that you have to upgrade Visual Studio Service Pack 3 (minimum) but only 6 is available (27+mb) for the registry portion to be updated.
What the other poster said:

VB6 was looking for the regKey for ASP 2.0 only, MS changed the keyvalue and location so apps written in VB6 look somewhere else instead of where it should.
Left hand not knowing what the right hand doing

Good Job Finding that. I knew the answer, but you responded before I got here. Well done.

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