i wanna to create a game that will use a mdb database file to store things and upload them while the gema will need them

the thing is i dont want that the player could touch the file and easily cnange things with access..

there is a way to prevent the players to look or change stuff inside the mdb file?

thanks! :)

As long as the database is recognizable, the user can "mess with it".
You could use fake fields and bitmapping to cut down on user manipulation, but then you would have to encode and decode the obfuscated data.

it will best to use sql then?
and i do not mean for the hackers to break the game files... i thought of regular people that if its very easy to see the files & manipulate them it will drag them to do so and ruin their game experience

Sure. Yes.

Regular people would't even open an ini file.

Gamers won't be stopped, if they really want it modified.

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