Aim: I am learning pointer of C,now I want to write a function to change the value of a variable .

using namespace std;
void change (int * k)
	if (*k==1) *k==0;
	else *k==0;

void main()
	int a=1;


I thought that n passing the address of a variable to the function can changes the value of k,but failed . I am eager to figure out the details of the arguement passing.
So, my dear friends, I really need yours help.

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The code you posted is in c++ format and not in standard c format

now for assigning...

if (*k==1) *k==0;
else *k==0;

== is used to check if the values are equal
= is used to assign a value to a variable

What's wrong with the standard form:

int change (int k)
    if (k==1) k=0;
        else  k=1;
    return k;
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