Iam developing a small school software. I want to show fees of every student of whole year.
John(student) I want show his fees that every month he paid at what date and how much.
So how should I start please help..

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Start by telling us what you have done so far.

How do you intend to collect this data? That you be your start point. If you already have the data collected, then you would require knowledge on database connection and data retrieval.

You may wish to proceed and then show us some efforts. When you encounter issues, we can help.

i think u have to use a sql view , to get your required data .
then use this code to show ur all data in grid
take a binding source first

sub mydata()
dim mycon as new sqlconnection("connectionstring")
dim dt as new datatable
dim da as new dataadapter("select * from __here write the name of ur view___",mycon)
datagridview.datasource = bindingsource

if u tell me about ur tables then i will try to make query for u ,
hope this will help u

M.Waqas Aslam

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