Hi guys I'm Indrajeet Roy, and I have a problem with a piece of code I am trying write in VB.net. I am using Visual Studio 2010 as my IDE.

The basic idea behind the form and the coding I am trying to do is to create a username, password and an access level number in an SQL Database I call VBDB.

The problem I have is that for some reason, when I execute the actual command to create the user, it tries to convert the password to int datatype!!

I am also posting the code for the form and the function below:

The code on the form is as follows:

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim Acc_Lvl As Integer
    Dim user, passwd, var As String
    passwd = ""
    user = NameBox.Text
    If (String.Compare(PassBox.Text, PassBox2.Text)) = 0 Then
        passwd = PassBox.Text
        MsgBox("Password and Re Enter password fields don't match")
    End If
    var = ListBox1.SelectedItem
    Select Case var
        Case "Level 1 ( ACCESS EVERYTHING)"
            Acc_Lvl = 1
        Case "Level 2 (CAN NOT ADD AND DELETE USER)"
            Acc_Lvl = 2
            Acc_Lvl = 3
    End Select
    AddUserFun(Acc_Lvl, user, passwd)
    MsgBox("The User has been created")

The function is as follows:

Function AddUserFun(ByRef user, ByRef pass, ByRef acclvl) As Integer
    Dim i As Integer
        Dim conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection("Server=.\SQLSERVER;AttachDbFilename=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.SQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\VBDB.mdf;Database=VBDB; Trusted_Connection=Yes;")
        Dim addusr As New SqlClient.SqlCommand
        addusr.CommandText = "INSERT INTO dbo.Users VALUES('" & user & "','" & pass & "','" & acclvl & "')"
        addusr.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        addusr.Connection = conn
    Catch ex As Exception
        i = 1
    End Try
    i = 0
    Return i
End Function

Please take a look at my coding and tell me where I'm making the error. This is my final semester project and this little thing is holding the whole thing up!!

Please notice that you are calling your function on line 20:

AddUserFun(Acc_Lvl, user, passwd)

and your function declaration is:

Function AddUserFun(ByRef user, ByRef pass, ByRef acclvl) As Integer

Notice that the order of the parameters is different. Fix that, and I think you'll be fine.

Good luck!

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