What is difference between transaction of saving account and current account?

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That depends on the bank, but in general:
A savings account pays interest, and can never have a negative balance
A current account may or may not pay some interest, and may allow negative balances.
A current account is used for day-to-day transactions using cheques or debit cards or on-line systems, and allows cash withdrawas through cash machines.
Savings accounts are less likely to have cheque books or debit cards or allow cash withdrawals, they may just allow transfers of funds into/out of the owner's current account.

Having said that, banks offer accounts with every possible mixture of those characteristics, so in practice there isn't a clear distinction between them.

There is no one answer to that. Every bank has its own savings accounts with different conditions and limits.

neither of your questions have any relevance to Java. the easiest way to get an example of a bank, is to go to your bank on a slow moment, tell them you're working on a school project and need some information on the subject.

I doubt there are banks that 'll turn your demand for some information down, especially when it concerns a school assignment. it is possible though, they'll ask you to come back on a later moment, because the person who can answer your questions (or is best suited for it) isn't in at the moment.

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