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upon form load my datagridview is populated with data from an sql table. The datagridview has 3 columns Name, Amount and Cost. The Cost and Amount fields are have Zero as their default values. Whenever the user enters new values in those 2 fields i am using the row leave event of the datagridview to do a modulus on the amount against the cost.

The problem i am having is that the default values are being passed to the function and not the actual values entered by the user. I have enclosed my function and how i am getting the datagridview values. Any assistance would be grateful.

'below indicates how it is called
VerifyQuantity(DataGridViewRCC(1, i).Value, DataGridViewRCC(3, i).Value) 

 Function VerifyQuantity(ByVal a As Int64, ByVal b As Int16) As Boolean

        '@@@@@@@@@@@@ Designed by: Travis Ferreira @@@@@@@@@@
        '@@@@@@@@@@@@ Inputs:int64 and int16 @@@@@@@@@@ 
        '@@@@@@@@@@@@Return:Boolean @@@@@@@@ 
        '@@@@@@@@@@@@Purpose:Verifies that the quantities are of standard bundle sizes @@@@@@@ 

        Dim tempval As Int64
        tempval = a Mod b
        If tempval > 0 Then
            Return False
            Return True
        End If
    End Function
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Are you testing the VerifyQuantity function or the values coming out of the DataGridView?

If you are testing the DGV, you could add a watch to "DataGridViewRCC(3, i).Value" to see what you're getting.
(...or even a MessageBox of the value)

If you are actually testing the VQ, maybe casting the Int16 to a long would help.

tempval = CLng(a) Mod CLng(b)

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