I would like to create a web-based directory using GridView. The concept is same on Windows Explorer where there are Folders and Subfolders. The thing is, I will be using it on Binary files on the database.

I'm not quite sure about the database structure if the user is to create a new folder and then a subfolder on that and so on and so forth....

Can you guys help me? It will be good if you can provide me a basic tutorial...
btw, Im a newbie on C#

Thanks Guys! Happy Holidays!

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What do you mean "Binary files on the database"?
Do you mean the filenames are in the database?

Well, do you know what the data will look like when it's stored in the database?
Will it be rows of strings


...or something different?

Yes it is. Thats how I plan to do it..

My only problem is how can I provide such path? It's like the user can create a folder type link in a gridview WHICH will create those path that you mentioned.

I don't understand what you mean by "provide such a path".

1) Are you making the path (based on user choices)?
2) Are you making the path based on content from the database?
3) ...or something else...?

It is based on user's choices. What I did so far is created a button for creating a column w/ a link on the gridview that will act as a folder.

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