I have been trying to display form as taskbar but don't know how to! Is there any form property available to do so?

The form will be permanently located either at top or at bottom of desktop.

for eg: In (image) at the top the form is located and the resolution of screen becomes minus the top form (i.e C# form).

So if the user opens a file or folder (like my computer, my document etc) and maximizes it, it should not overlap nor come under the c# form (i.e top form).

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Take a look into the TopMost property of your form. It's a boolean value, and should work until another application has the TopMost property set to true is deployed, then multiple applications will begin to fight for top most.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.TopMost = true;

The form should not overlap other winform nor it should come under other winform!

Check the image which I have posted above.

- Thankyou.

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Are you wanting the form to be transparent, or are you wanting it locked on top of other windows? I'm confused. Could you re-phrase your question please? From what I'm reading in your original post it now looks like you're wanting to create an "ultimate" parent form. That way the windows open up within the window of your application instead of overlapping it, or hiding behind it?

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I want to lock the form like windows taskbar! so when I maximize any winforms(like my computer, or windows explorer) it must not overlap or hide behind it & the form is not transparent!


Ohhh so you're wanting it to sit in a permanent position and to where other windows ride against it and never intersect?


Okay, I'd try the MSDN forums and see if some of the high level programmers there can help you. I usually do that after not getting help for a few days. As far as changing the work area of the desktop I have no idea. Do you have any type of code started yet?


sorry i posted this by accident but let me know if it worked for you

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it works great but it might has a small problem when the computer sleeps as the bar doesn't correctly deregister the desktop position

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