Dear Master,

I have some confuses problem,

I have an java window application that has been used almost 2 years more, suddenly today, when i run the application, error message come out "this application is corrupt".

I try to run in others (almost 5 workstation), the result is same.

any can help me please

JDK : 16.0_29

how do you get this message?
if it's just a line printed in the console, or a messagebox, instead of a stacktrace, it's very possible that this is not an "error", but programmed to hapen so.

for instance:
the programmer added a validation: if currentYear > 2011 -> print "this application is corrupt"
or, the same, when a certain input file can not be found.

AFAIK, there is no standard error/exception message as the one you described.

do you have the code for your application?

If the error message is from the operating system or the JRE, it is likely that the file itself has been corrupted somehow. If the message is coming from a program-generated window, then it is possible that the application itself either has corrupt files or has been programmed to fail after a certain number of uses, date, etc.