I have the following problem:

I have sample form with reportViewer on it & report type is rdlc report on c#. I added a new dataset then selected tableadpater on it then selected the database from mysql and I selected the Filldata method & provided a query to retrieve data from a table named scanning providing certain parameters from my sample form. I tested my dataset by providing the parameters using the preview option & all works well... I added a report in my project named it TstRpt & selected the newly created dataset after that all the fields populated which I specified in the FillData method query... I dragged and dropped all the fields on my report form & saved all my work & ran my project... When I provide parameters on the sample form in the textboxes I always get a blank report with just heading that I kept while designing on the report... I dont see any values on my report but I tested the query manually & it works fine...

Is the problem due to using mysql with C# or I'm wrong in between? Please someone help me asap...

If you re-direct the return values to a plain file, are they present?
What are the possible things that could keep values from showing on the report?

Without seeing the code, it's hard to tell what could be wrong.
So, at this point, you will need to do the step-by-step troubleshooting.

I followed the same procedure with Microsoft SQL 2005 & C# & all was working fine but when I moved to MySQL its working but not showing any values... Why?

What happens if you dump the data to a flat text file?

Thanks guys the problem resolved! It was just a connection problem...

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